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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 Carroll, Lewis 1832-1898
After Three Days universal format, v 1.0
3k stuffed - 10k unstuffed * downloads
  A poem written after seeing H. Hunt's picture "The Finding of Christ in the Temple."
Phantasmagoria and Other Poems universal format, v 1.0
33k stuffed - 168k unstuffed * downloads
  A collection of poems by the author of such well-known works as "Alice in Wonderland", "Sylvie and Bruno" and "The Hunting of the Snark".
 Castle, Egerton 1858-1920
The Baron's Quarry universal format, v 1.0
19k stuffed - 102k unstuffed * downloads
  A strange story of a wolf-hunt in the Carpathian mountains.
 Cather, Willa 1873-1947
Alexander's Bridge universal format, v 1.0
49k stuffed - 325k unstuffed * downloads
  The life and death of Bartley Alexander, the bridge-builder, as told by his old teacher, professor Lucius Wilson.
 Chekhov, Anton 1860-1904
Ivanoff unknown format
303k unstuffed * downloads
  An early work telling the story of a man struggling to regain his former glory.
The Seagull unknown format
258k unstuffed * downloads
  The first of Chekhov's four major plays.
Uncle Vanya unknown format
229k unstuffed * downloads
  The second of Chekhov's four major plays.
 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 1772-1834
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
17k stuffed - 88k unstuffed * downloads
  The classic supernatural narrative poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This newtonbook includes the prose gloss, or "argument," which helps any first-time reader keep Coleridge's strange storyline clear.
 Confucius 551-479 B.C.
Doctrine of the Mean universal format, v 1.0
13k stuffed - 84k unstuffed * downloads
  Confucius explanations about Harmony, Equilibrium and the Path of Duty.
The Great Learning universal format, v 1.0
9k stuffed - 48k unstuffed * downloads
  Further explanations of life, with comments by the philosopher Tsang.
 Connell, Richard
The Most Dangerous Game universal format, v 1.0
17k stuffed - 98k unstuffed * downloads
  Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, falls of a yacht and finds himself on a strange island, where his host forces him to take part in a very dangerous game.
 Conrad, Joseph 1857-1924
The Secret Sharer universal format, v 1.0
31k stuffed - 193k unstuffed * downloads
  In the middle of the night, a hunted man turns up at a ship at anchor in the middle of nowhere, and is hidden in the captains cabin. He can't stay there forever, but how can he get off the ship without being seen?
The Inn of the Two Witches: A Find universal format, v 1.0
23k stuffed - 130k unstuffed * downloads
  The Find was made in a box of books bought in London, in a street which no longer exists, from a second-hand bookseller in the last stage of decay.
 Cranmer-Byng, L.
A Lute of Jade: Being Selections from the Classical Poets of China universal format, v 1.0
48k stuffed - 281k unstuffed * downloads
  This collection presents some of the best ancient chinese poets along with translations of their works. Take a look at Autumn by Ou-Yang Hsiu of Lu-ling - it has some of the qualities of Poe's The Raven, both in words and spirit.
 Crouch, Clifford
British Romantic Poets classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
30k stuffed - 200k unstuffed * downloads
  Some thirty short poems by Burns, Wordsworth, Scott, Coleridge and others. The term Romantic is used loosely, to include poets of the Victorian era as well. Poems date from the late 18th to late 19th centuries.
Shakespeare and company - British Lyrics classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
30k stuffed - 160k unstuffed * downloads
  Some 24 British poets circa the Elizabethan era, including Marlowe, Spenser, Ralegh and Donne. A variety of songs, sonnets and lyrics that run the gamut of emotions and attitudes, from the 16th and 17th centuries.
 Cruikshank, Larry
That's Mine (And you can't use it) universal format, v 1.0
3k stuffed - 12k unstuffed * downloads
  A public domain column on copyright and the internet.
 Cutting, Mary Stewart
The Happiest Time universal format, v 1.0
11k stuffed - 56k unstuffed * downloads
  Having guests who are in love - or maybe they aren't? - can sometimes make your own domestic problems seem trivial.

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