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Newton's Library

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 Dalai Lama XIV
Human Rights and Universal Responsibility universal format, v 1.0
6k stuffed - 28k unstuffed * downloads
  Released by the Tibetan Delegation to the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, Austria 1993.
 Descartes, Rene 1596-1650
Discourse on Reason universal format, v 1.0
38k stuffed - 276k unstuffed * downloads
  Discussions on subjects as diverse as Morals, God's Existence, the Human Soul, Reason, and the Sciences, conveniently divided into six parts.
 Dickens, Charles 1812-1870
The Chimes universal format, v 1.0
56k stuffed - 364k unstuffed * downloads
  Maybe the New Year will be better for Toby Veck, his daughter and his friends. At least if they don't listen to what they are told.
A Christmas Carol unknown format
378k unstuffed * downloads
  Will a quartet of ghosts be enough to change stubborn old Ebenezer Scrooge's selfish ways?
David Copperfield unknown format
3838k unstuffed * downloads
  Dickens' classic bildungsroman, the life story of David Copperfield.
Great Expectations unknown format
1997k unstuffed * downloads
  Another of Dickens' bildungsromans; this one details the life of Pip from childhood through adulthood.
The Signal-Man classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
39k stuffed - 107k unstuffed * downloads
  The title character, assigned to a lonely railroad outpost, is haunted by an ominous spectral figure, who seems to appear specifically to warn him of impending calamities on the tracks. Includes some b/w illustrations.
A Tale of Two Cities unknown format
1528k unstuffed * downloads
  A story set in both London and Paris during the French Revolution.
 Dickinson, Emily 1830-1886
Wild Nights - Wild Nights classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
21k stuffed - 144k unstuffed * downloads
  Poems by the 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson. The poems were published mostly after her death, so there are various scholarly quibbles as to the preferable punctuation.
 Donne, John 1572-1631
Meditations upon our Human Condition universal format, v 1.0
32k stuffed - 202k unstuffed * downloads
  "O miserable condition of Man! which was not imprinted by God who, as he is immortal himself, had put a coal, a beam of immortality into us, which we might have blown into a flame, but blew it out by our first sin."
 Dowson, Ernest 1867-1900
A Comedy of Masks with Arthur Moore universal format, v 1.0
165k stuffed - 1130k unstuffed * downloads
  When the young artist Richard Lightmark paints a picture of Rainham's Dock things start looking well for him, but there are many complications before he will be able to settle down comfortably.
 Doyle, Arthur Conan 1859-1930
A Case of Identity universal format, v 1.0
15k stuffed - 84k unstuffed * downloads
  A Sherlock Holmes story.
 Dunbar, Alice 1875-1935
Little Miss Sophie universal format, v 1.0
7k stuffed - 31k unstuffed * downloads
  Miss Sophie works hard to buy back a ring for her former fiance, but will she be able to save enough money in time?
Odalie universal format, v 1.0
4k stuffed - 17k unstuffed * downloads
  A short, but sad, story of an innocent girl and the breaking of her heart.
Sister Josepha universal format, v 1.0
7k stuffed - 33k unstuffed * downloads
  When she was sixteen, Camille decided to become a nun. Now that she has reached her goal she is beginning to regret it.
The Praline Woman universal format, v 1.0
3k stuffed - 11k unstuffed * downloads
  The praline woman sits by the side of the Archbishop's quaint little old chapel on Royal Street, and slowly waves her latanier fan over the pink and brown wares...

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