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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 Edwards, Amelia B. 1831-1892
The Four-Fifteen Express universal format, v 1.0
20k stuffed - 119k unstuffed * downloads
  Mr. Dwerrihouse, who disappeared with 75.000 pounds of his employers money in September, and has been looked for ever since, turns up on a train three months later, with seemingly no knowledge of the affair.
 Eliot, George (Mary Anne Evans) 1819-1880
Brother Jacob universal format, v 1.0
33k stuffed - 204k unstuffed * downloads
  David Faux decided early in life that being a confectioner was likely the most exalted state a man could aspire to. He soon found out, however, that this was not the case, and took another road to fame and riches...
The Lifted Veil universal format, v 1.0
34k stuffed - 213k unstuffed * downloads
  A dying person writes about the coming end and the life and events that preceded it.
 Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1803-1882
The Transcendentalist universal format, v 1.0
15k stuffed - 82k unstuffed * downloads
  A Lecture read at the Masonic Temple in Boston, January, 1842

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