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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 Gaboriau, Emile 1832-1873
The Mystery of Orcival universal format, v 1.0
180k stuffed - 1250k unstuffed * downloads
  A story about a family of poachers, living at Orcival during the 1860's.
 Gaskell, Elizabeth 1810-1865
Cranford universal format, v 1.0
120k stuffed - 821k unstuffed * downloads
  Cranford is a city of women, those men that exist are seldom heard of. And why should they be, when the Cranford women can do perfectly well without them?
 Goldman, Emma 1869-1940
Down With the Anarchists! with Alexander Berkman universal format, v 1.0
5k stuffed - 24k unstuffed * downloads
  An anarchist pamphlet from 191x, giving a short introduction to anarchist ideas and values.
Jealousy; Causes and a Possible Cure universal format, v 1.0
7k stuffed - 34k unstuffed * downloads
  The popular notion is that jealousy is inborn and therefore can never be eradicated from the human heart. This idea is a convenient excuse for those who lack ability and willingness to delve into cause and effect.
The Philosophy of Atheism universal format, v 1.0
7k stuffed - 33k unstuffed * downloads
  This short essay claims that humanity has out-grown the need to believe in Gods and super-natural powers, and should turn to reason and science instead.
 Gray, Thomas 1716-1771
Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat universal format, v 1.0
2k stuffed - 6k unstuffed * downloads
  You may have heard these lines before:

"Not all that tempts your wandering eyes
And heedless hearts, is lawful prize,
Nor all that glisters, gold."

This newtonbook contatins the complete poem.

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