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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 James, Henry 1843-1916
An International Episode universal format, v 1.0
46k stuffed - 334k unstuffed * downloads
  Two young Englishmen journey to America, and find themselves not really understanding what goes on.
Daisy Miller universal format, v 1.0
38k stuffed - 266k unstuffed * downloads
  Mr. Winterbourne, who usually stays in Geneva, makes an unfortunate aquaintance in a young American girl, Ms. Miller.
The Aspern Papers universal format, v 1.0
63k stuffed - 448k unstuffed * downloads
  Jeffrey Aspern was a celebrated author, and some of his letters ended up in a house in Vienna. Now a young man is trying to get his hands on them by pretending to be someone he is not.
 James, M. R. 1862-1936
A Warning to the Curious classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
50k stuffed - 129k unstuffed * downloads
  A frightened young man is caught in a dilemma: He had the luck to discover something valuable - and he doesn't know how to return it. The problem is that the guardian of the object wants it back very, very badly.
An Episode of Cathedral History universal format, v 1.1
15k stuffed - 85k unstuffed * downloads
  You never know what will turn up when you re-build the interior of old churches. Sometimes it's treasure, sometimes you regret the whole project...
Count Magnus classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
39k stuffed - 108k unstuffed * downloads
  Mr. Wraxall, an Englishman allows his traveller's curiosity to get the best of him while visiting the manor-house of Count Magnus in Sweden. A half-dozen black-and-white illustrations illuminate this dark narrative.
The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
61k stuffed - 133k unstuffed * downloads
  Disturbing occurrences ensue after a small-town minister mysteriously vanishes one evening. Some b/w drawings illustrate this nightmarish story, which is told through a series of letters from a man to his brother.
 Joyce, James 1882-1941
Dubliners universal format, v 1.0
Newtonbook by Charles Mangin
121k stuffed - 816k unstuffed * downloads
  A collection of short stories, generally centered around traditional irish folk- and everyday life.

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