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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 Richard Kennaway
Mind Uploading universal format, v 1.0
8k stuffed - 38k unstuffed * downloads
  A discussion of various means of transferring or copying a mind to an artifical substrate. How would it work, and what would happen...? What about the legal rights of such a mind?
 Kingsley, Charles 1819-1875
Alexandria and her Schools universal format, v 1.0
68k stuffed - 470k unstuffed * downloads
  Lectures delivered at the Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh, in February, 1854, at the onset of the Crimean War.
Madam How and Lady Why universal format, v 1.0
122k stuffed - 844k unstuffed * downloads
  A delightful treatise on Geology and Scientific thinking in general, written for children by the author of "The Water-babies".
 Kipling, Rudyard 1865-1936
His Wedded Wife universal format, v 1.0
6k stuffed - 27k unstuffed * downloads
  The safest plan is never to tread on a worm - not even on the last new subaltern from Home, with his buttons hardly out of their tissue paper, and the red of sappy English beef in his cheeks.
The Mother Hive classic format
Newtonbook by Cliff Crouch
40k stuffed - 126k unstuffed * downloads
  A story about bees. It's presented here along with one of Kipling's poems, "The Gods of the Copybook Headings," which seems to fit alongside this fable. Includes some b/w art illustrations.
 Kowalczyk, Matt
The Mathematical and Scientific Achievements of the Mayan Civilization unknown format
336k unstuffed * downloads
  Being a curious sort, and having a deep interest in Native American cultures, I strived to write a math research paper on something more intangible, something unique to the Americas. How much research, I wondered, had looked at the Math/Science of the peoples of Meso-America?

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