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Newton's Library

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 Lang, Andrew 1844-1912
Enchanted Cigarettes universal format, v 1.0
6k stuffed - 26k unstuffed * downloads
  To dream over literary projects, Balzac says, is like "smoking enchanted cigarettes," but when we try to tackle our projects, to make them real, the enchantment disappears.
Oxford - Town and University universal format, v 1.0
64k stuffed - 390k unstuffed * downloads
  Some short impressions from various aspects of life at the University of Oxford.
The Paradise of Poets universal format, v 1.0
7k stuffed - 29k unstuffed * downloads
  Mr. Witham wasn't really a poet, but nevertheless one night he had a dream about going to the place where poets go in their afterlife - the Paradise of Poets.
 Leacock, Stephen 1869-1944
The Man in Asbestos universal format, v 1.0
10k stuffed - 52k unstuffed * downloads
  We have all dreamt about the future, but the man in this story has a real night-mare.
 Levy, Steven
Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution (Chapters 1 & 2) MP2K format
more info about the complete book here. 192k unstuffed * downloads
  Just why Peter Samson was wandering around in Building 26 in the middle of the night is a matter that he would find difficult to explain. Some things are not spoken. If you were like the people whom Peter Samson was coming to know and befriend in this, his freshman year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the winter of 1958-59, no explanation would be required.
 London, Jack 1876-1916
Adventure universal format, v 1.0
128k stuffed - 860k unstuffed * downloads
  The doctor in the jungle on Solomon Island has a hard time with the natives, but as everyone know - it takes two to quarrel.
 Lovecraft, H. P. 1890-1937
A Selection of Poems and Short Stories universal format, v 1.0
Selection by AQ
23k stuffed - 125k unstuffed * downloads
  Includes five poems and the following stories: Ex Oblivione, Memory, Nyarlathotep, Polaris, The Azathoth, The Cats of Ulthar, The Descendant, The Terrible Old Man, What the Moon Brings
Cool Air universal format, v 1.0
9k stuffed - 45k unstuffed * downloads
  How long can a man live after he has died, and what does it take to keep him going? The answers can be found in this strange story by one of the masters of horror.
Herbert West: Reanimator universal format, v 1.0
26k stuffed - 150k unstuffed * downloads
  Herbert West is not a man of healthy and wholesome practices...
The Alchemist universal format, v 1.0
10k stuffed - 47k unstuffed * downloads
  The history of a cursed family of noblemen, told by Antoine, the last of the blood.
The Beast in the Cave universal format, v 1.0
7k stuffed - 33k unstuffed * downloads
  Getting lost in a cave is bad enough, discovering that you are not alone only makes it worse...
The Tomb universal format, v 1.0
10k stuffed - 52k unstuffed * downloads
  Mr. Dudley was always interested in the obscure and occult, and has had some of experiences of his own. The trouble is that no-one wants to believe his stories, which is why he is confined to an asylym for the insane.
Through the Gates of the Silver Key universal format, v 1.0
31k stuffed - 186k unstuffed * downloads
  An uncanny tale of timetravel, horror, strange dimensions and the beyond.
 Lowell, James Russell 1819-1875
My Garden Acquaintance universal format, v 1.0
19k stuffed - 98k unstuffed * downloads
  A collection of anecdotes from Mr. Lowell's encounters with various birds.

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