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Newton's Library

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 M'Cheyne, Robert Murray 1813-1843
Bible Reading Calendar MP2k portrait format, v 1.0
Newtonbook by Tim McCracken
11k stuffed - 59k unstuffed * downloads
  An old routine for reading through the whole Bible in one year, written by M'Cheyne. It is recently featured in DA Carson's book for the love of God. This is a rough and dirty version of it.
 Merritt, A. 1882-1943
The Moon Pool universal format, v 1.0
33k stuffed - 205k unstuffed * downloads
  An account of the Throckmartin expedition to the island of Ponape in the Carolines - the Throckmartin Mystery, as it is called - with the purpose of clearing the names of those involved.
 Milton, John 1608-1674
Areopagitica universal format, v 1.0
36k stuffed - 218k unstuffed * downloads
  A Speech for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing to the Parliament of England. In defence of the free printing of books and pamphlets, without the neccessity of obtaining permission from the authorities.
 Morrow, T. O.
Efficient Aesthetics universal format, v 1.0
8k stuffed - 39k unstuffed * downloads
  We lust beauty. How can we satisfy this lust? That's a question for aesthetics. By revealing beauty's underlying principles, aesthetics will show us how to bring more joy, grace, and wonder to our lives.
 Moore, Arthur
A Comedy of Masks with Ernest Dowson universal format, v 1.0
165k stuffed - 1130k unstuffed * downloads
  When the young artist Richard Lightmark paints a picture of Rainham's Dock things start looking well for him, but there are many complications before he will be able to settle down comfortably.
 Muniz, Albert M. Jr.
Religiosity in the Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community with Hope Jensen Schau MP2K format
150k unstuffed * downloads
  This research explores the grassroots brand community centered on the Apple Newton, a product that was abandoned by the marketer. Supernatural, religious, and magical motifs are common in the narratives of the Newton community, including the miraculous performance and survival of the brand, as well as the return of the brand creator.
 Munro, H. H. (SAKI) 1870-1916
Mrs. Packletide's Tiger universal format, v 1.0
5k stuffed - 21k unstuffed * downloads
  Mrs. Packletide spent most of her time trying to get one up on Loona Bimberton. Now Loona had flown eleven miles in an aeroplane, so the only thing for Mrs. Packletide to do was to shoot a tiger...
Sredni Vashtar universal format, v 1.0
6k stuffed - 25k unstuffed * downloads
  Sometimes prayers are answered, even if you invented the God yourself!
The Open Window universal format, v 1.0
5k stuffed - 18k unstuffed * downloads
  You shouldn't believe everything you are told, especially not when you don't know anything about the teller.
 Murray, William Hugh
The Five Great Inventions of Twentieth Century Cryptography universal format, v 1.0
11k stuffed - 62k unstuffed * downloads
  The keynote address at the 1994 RSA Security Conference. A discussion of the history and uses of cryptography during the twentieth century.

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