From here you can download the Newton Book Reader Mozilla Extension and view Newton books on your desktop computer. From within Firefox, just use the big inviting button on the right that says “Install Firefox Extension (XPI)”. If you’re curious about the changes between this version and last, you can also “Read the ChangeLog”.

This extension will allow you to read Newton books from within Firefox. If you don’t have Firefox, you can get it by using the “Get Firefox” button to the right to upgrade to it for free.

Once you’ve gotten it running, you can get books by using that final button to the right. It’s labeled “Download Newton Books from Newton’s Library”.

Right now though there’s not too much additional information here. After loading the extension and restarting Firefox, you'll see the Newton book reader option in the tools menu. When you first invoke it you'll be given more information on how to use it.

Please keep in mind that this is an alpha release, and as such prone to changes and limitations. Most of the current known issues are documented within the help text for the extension itself.

Install Firefox Extension (XPI) Version 0.3.6

Read the ChangeLog

Download Newton Books from Newton’s Library