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Newton Parser Project is the homepage for a programming-class project whose aim is to write newtonbook-readers for other platforms! Currently there are no finished readers, but with some interest and encouragment there might soon be!
Project Newtonberg doesn't store the books on its own site, due to lack of space, but has links to hundreds of newtonbooks on other servers.
Internet Movie Database for the Newton!
InterText as newtonbook. This ezine of short stories also comes in several other formats, just click yourself up the directories to find them.
Peter Belanger's maps and newtonbooks.
Newton Traveler has a few newtonbooks which might be nice to bring on your next trip.
Instructions for Bookmaker, a newtonbook creation application.
Newtonbooks at
Loren's Newton Stuff a few books and links to sites and software.
Chris' Newton Page several books from Project Gutenbergs archives.
Project Newton-book mostly books in Russian, but a few English titles too.
The Newton Library at This Old Newt has a few books for download, and also lists several books about Newton which you can buy from Amazon.
Mike O'Brien has a couple of titles, and is working on his third.
MJH's Newton Books in English and German.
Michael Wittmann's Portable Computing page.
Newton Evangelist's Book page.
MHK3C has created Newtonbooks from the Principia Discordia, the Jargon File and more...
James Whitson's NewtonStuff has several reference works in newtonbook format, such as episode guides, sports results and election info.

Newton news and information

Info-Newt always has some interesting news and links, and is updated regularly. Old news is archived, and searchable!
[I check this page regularly - if it hasn't been updated since the last time I checked, I can always find something interesting in the archives! - AQ] The Newton FAQ at Info-Newt. Read it!
Newton Resources with information about ethernet cards, a Newton Cage mirror, and the RemoteTown highscore list. Note! New URL since May 1, 2000 - update your bookmarks!
Join the Newted community for chats, bulletin boards, files and webspace! A must-join!
Newton Manuals by FTP from Apple. While you are there - BROWSE!
The Newton and eMate pre-buyers Guide.
Newton Collector hasn't been updated for a while, but is still a nice page with loads of information.

Newton Links and advertising

Newton Links - searchable directory, always updated!
[Let's make this THE Newton Directory - list your page and submit all your newton software, books, etc, in separate entries! - AQ]
Newton Gallery links and information about Newton users all over the world. Use it!
NewtWho? searchable index of Newton people and webpages. Use this one too!
Apple Newton Web Ring at
Newton Banner Exchange Network at Newtonarchives

Newton games and Fun

StarDate for Newton - Japanese page, lovely program!
YAZI play text adventures on your Newton.
The Newton RPG Page.
NewtHack for dungeon explorers.
James Thiele's Newton Stuff freeware games and applications.

Newton Development
Newton Messagepad Applications Programming (NMAP101) Mailinglist for beginning Newton Programmers

Other Newton pages

SPLORP's Newton Links - more to come soon, if rumours are true...
Config makers of the great RaceTrax application for Formula 1 buffs, and other software too! RaceTrax 2000 is avilable now!
Newton OZ
The Newton Outpost
Newton Misspellings a page about HWR...
Newton Hall of Fame! about the creators of the Newton.
Newton Secrets - Secret Newtons.
The DoItAll software page has a couple of Newton programs.
Sounds and utilities from SDH EngSoft
Sean Luke's Newton Projects includes Chinese dictionaries, Hemlock and backdrop images.
P&M Consulting Learnfast, Quotes, DictManager and more.
eMsite about how eMates are used in education at Grimes Dyke Primary School, Leeds, UK. Not updated lately, but cute in it's own way.
Toad Hollow Software Co. Holidays 2k, Elements of Style GIF-plugin for nHTTPd (the Newton Web Server) and more. Newton Links A community chosen list of links related to the Newton. (RSS feed)

Other e-book pages

Open eBook Forum Newton books aren't the only type of e-books out there. This page has information on an up-and-coming XML standard for e-books.

Interactive e-book (a.k.a. interactive fiction) pages

Interactive Fiction Archive Both stories and software to use them on many computers, not just Newtons.
YAZI: Yet Another Z Interpreter Software to use interactive fiction stories on your Newton.

Audio book pages

Simply Audiobooks Audio books available for rent.
Download thousands of audiobooks on iTunes. Audio books available for purchase.

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