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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 Reeve, Arthur B. 1880-1936
The Clairvoyants universal format, v 1.0
13k stuffed - 69k unstuffed * downloads
  Unhappy people often seek help in the most peculiar quarters, but with some luck their friends will help them in unpredictable ways.
The Poisoned Pen universal format, v 1.0
180k stuffed - 1231k unstuffed * downloads
  A remarkable detective story about politics, money and love. Who is deceiving whom, how are they doing it, and to what end?
 Robert, Major Henry Martyn 1837-1923
Robert's Rules of Order MP2K portrait format
515k unstuffed * downloads
  The original edition of what has since become the most commonly adopted parliamentary authority among both government bodies and private organizations in the United States.


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