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Newton's Library

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* - Note that the unstuffed size of the archives below is about twice the amount of space the book will actually occupy on your newton.

 Schau, Hope Jensen
Religiosity in the Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community with Albert M. Muniz, Jr. MP2K format
150k unstuffed * downloads
  This research explores the grassroots brand community centered on the Apple Newton, a product that was abandoned by the marketer. Supernatural, religious, and magical motifs are common in the narratives of the Newton community, including the miraculous performance and survival of the brand, as well as the return of the brand creator.
 Sheehan, Thomas 1928-
Vinegar Hill classic format, v 1.0
Newtonbook by Eric W. Brown - more info about the book here.
39k stuffed - 204k unstuffed * downloads
  A collection of prose and poetry, about Vinegar Hill and the surrounding land. The book was written in order to raise money for purchasing conservation land in the area.
 Spooner, Lysander 1808-1887
No Treason - The Constitution of No Authority universal format, v 1.0
33k stuffed - 251k unstuffed * downloads
  Written in 1870 and published by the author, "No Treason" remains one of the greatest flat-out anarcho-libertarian rants ever penned.
Vices Are Not Crimes universal format, v 1.0
22k stuffed - 150k unstuffed * downloads
  An explanation of the differences between vices and crimes, and some questions about what rights governments and individuals may claim.
 Stephenson, Neal
In the Kingdom of Mao Bell universal format, v 1.0
21k stuffed - 117k unstuffed * downloads
  Neal Stephenson, author of Snow Crash and Diamond Age, reports from South China on Market Leninism in the Shenzhen economic zone.
 Bruce Sterling
Magnetic Vision universal format, v 1.0
8k stuffed - 36k unstuffed * downloads
  A column on Roentgen, CAT-scans, MRI and the visionary cancer researcher Dr. Raymond Damadian.
Outer Cyberspace universal format, v 1.0
10k stuffed - 49k unstuffed * downloads
  Dreaming of space-flight, and predicting its future, have always been favorite pastimes of science fiction. In this science column for F&SF, Mr. Sterling can't resist the urge to contribute to this grand tradition.
Watching the Clouds universal format, v 1.0
9k stuffed - 42k unstuffed * downloads
  A short essay on clouds and the history of meteorology, with some discussion of the effects of our current life-style upon the weather.
 Stevenson, R. L. 1850-1894
Lay Morals universal format, v 1.0
33k stuffed - 205k unstuffed * downloads
  An essay on the problems of education, the differences between the bible and what is called "a Christian upbringing" and how these differences are resolved.
The Pavilion on the Links universal format, v 1.0
38k stuffed - 245k unstuffed * downloads
  A solitary man returns to spend some time at a pavilion where he stayed in is youth, but finds it to be occupied, while the owner seems to have forgotten their old friendship and attacks him in the woods nearby.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde universal format, v 1.0
47k stuffed - 302k unstuffed * downloads
  The well-known story of a man and his mysterious alter-ego.
 Stratton-Porter, Gene
Freckles universal format, v 1.0
138k stuffed - 951k unstuffed * downloads
  A story about courage and friendship, and how Freckles, the one-handed Guard of the Limberlost, found both love and his lost family.
 Swift, Jonathan 1667-1749
Abolishing Christianity universal format, v 1.0
12k stuffed - 62k unstuffed * downloads
  An argument to prove that the abolishing of christianity in England may, as things now stand (1708), be attended with some inconveniences, and perhaps not produce those many good effects proposed thereby.
Baucis and Philemon universal format, v 1.0
5k stuffed - 17k unstuffed * downloads
  A humourous poem about the poor old Philemon and his wife, who late one evening opened their door to two wandering saints in disguise.
The Battle of the Books universal format, v 1.0
21k stuffed - 117k unstuffed * downloads
  "The most ancient and natural grounds of quarrels are lust and avarice, which, though we may allow to be brethren, or collateral branches of pride, are certainly the issues of want."
The Beasts' Confession universal format, v 1.0
6k stuffed - 23k unstuffed * downloads
  A fun and educational poem about the likenessess and differences between man and beast.
The Logicians Refuted universal format, v 1.0
3k stuffed - 8k unstuffed * downloads
  According to this satirical verse, man is not as rational as he wants to believe.
Thoughts on Various Subjects universal format, v 1.0
9k stuffed - 42k unstuffed * downloads
  A collection of valuable thoughts and ideas on such diverse subjects as life, religion, age and politics.
 Swinburne, Algernon Charles 1837-1909
A Year's Carols universal format, v 1.0
4k stuffed - 17k unstuffed * downloads
  Twelwe short verses - one for every month of the year.
 Szabo, Nick
Comet Mining - An Overview universal format, v 1.0
9k stuffed - 45k unstuffed * downloads
  A comprehensive introduction to comet-mining - a relatively unexplored area of space development, which may play a central role in cracking open the space frontier.

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