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Newton's Library

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 Veblen, Thorstein 1857-1929
The Theory of the Leisure Class universal format, v 1.0
163k stuffed - 1360k unstuffed * downloads
  Abstention from labour is not only a honorific or meritorious act, but it presently comes to be a requisite of decency.
 Verne, Jules 1818-1905
The Blockade Runners universal format, v 1.0
34k stuffed - 225k unstuffed * downloads
  The Dolphin, a fast British ship, is on a run to the blockaded town of Charleston in America, when the captain discovers two young americans on board, who are not at all what they at first seem to be.
The Underground City universal format, v 1.0
76k stuffed - 538k unstuffed * downloads
  Deep down underground, the miners live, who rarely see the light of day, but they are not alone down there, but accompanied by more sinister presences.
 Voltaire 1694-1778
Free Will universal format, v 1.0
4k stuffed - 16k unstuffed * downloads
  An attempt to explain the idea and meaning of the concept "Free will".

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