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Newton's Library

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 John Walker
Programs Are Programs - How To Make Money In the Software Business universal format, v 1.0
14k stuffed - 76k unstuffed * downloads
  Ideas on new ways to make money from software. Strange but true: not two weeks after this book was posted, Microsoft announced plans not very different from what is outlined here.
Unicard universal format, v 1.0
19k stuffed - 104k unstuffed * downloads
  Based on technologies already available or certain to appear within the next few years, this paper explores how much convenience could be gained, and how much privacy lost as these technologies enter the mainstream.
 Warren, Josiah
Manifesto [A Rare And Interesting Document] universal format, v 1.0
8k stuffed - 41k unstuffed * downloads
  Josiah Warren, thought of as the first individualist anarchist in America, wrote this statement in 1841, outlining his philosophy of individual sovereignty and its practical implications.
 Webster, Jean 1876-1916
Daddy-Long-Legs universal format, v 1.0
67k stuffed - 438k unstuffed * downloads
  For some reason one of the trustees of the orphanage where Jerusha Abbott lives takes interest in her, and sends her to college, where she will become an author, provided she writes him a letter once a month.
 Wells, H. G. 1866-1946
A Dream of Armageddon universal format, v 1.0
20k stuffed - 119k unstuffed * downloads
  Some dreams are so vivid that reality pales, so vivid you might almost think that your waking life is the dream.
A Moonlight Fable universal format, v 1.0
5k stuffed - 23k unstuffed * downloads
  Everything looks different in moon-light - white, silvery and shining. Take care lest you be seduced by the beauty.
The Time Machine universal format, v 1.0
58k stuffed - 389k unstuffed * downloads
  H. G. Wells' classic tale about the Time Traveller and his adventures.
 Weyman, Stanley J. 1855-1928
The Fowl in the Pot universal format, v 1.0
14k stuffed - 74k unstuffed * downloads
  Smiths and inn-keepers take heed - don't play jokes on high people lest you are dragged before the king!
 Wiggin, Kate Douglas
A Cathedral Courtship universal format, v 1.0
22k stuffed - 119k unstuffed * downloads
  A cute and charming story about how John and Katharine met while visiting the famous cathedrals in England, from the perspective of their diaries.
 Wilde, Oscar 1854-1900
The English Renaissance of Art universal format, v 1.0
20k stuffed - 125k unstuffed * downloads
  A lecture on the general ideas which characterise the great English Renaissance of Art in the 19th century.
The Picture of Dorian Gray universal format, v 1.0
134k stuffed - 928k unstuffed * downloads
  Mr. Wilde's fabulous story of a portrait with exceptional qualities.
The Sphinx without a Secret universal format, v 1.1
6k stuffed - 27k unstuffed * downloads
  A short story about a man who fell in love with a mysterious lady.
The Star-Child universal format, v 1.0
12k stuffed - 73k unstuffed * downloads
  In this fable it is taught that kindness is repaid with kindness, and cruelty with cruelty, but mending one's ways doesn't always lead to a long and happy life.
 Wood, Ellen (Mrs. Henry Wood) 1814-1887
Reality or Delusion? universal format, v 1.0
15k stuffed - 82k unstuffed * downloads
  "This is a ghost story. Every word of it is true. And I don't mind confessing that for ages afterwards some of us did not care to pass the spot alone at night. Some people do not care to pass it yet."

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